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Visiting address
von Kraemers Allé 26
752 37 Uppsala
+46 18 495 80 00,

Postal address
Municipal Association for Advanced Radiotherapy
Box 6374
751 36 Uppsala

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Invoice address

Box 6363
751 35 Uppsala
Reference code: PT7111501

Information about e-invoices
Municipal Association for Advanced Radiotherapy prefers to receive invoices in electronic format, i.e. e-invoices. A PDF invoice is not considered an e-invoice. We primarily receive invoices via the PEPPOL network.

Invoicing details:
Reference: PT7111501
GLN-code: 7300009065950
PEPPOLs ID: 0088: 7300009065950
Organization number: 222000-2097
VAN-operator: Opus Capita

If it is not possible to send via PEPPOL, we can receive the Svefaktura format through OpusCapita. To send Svefaktura, you need to ensure that Municipal Association for Advanced Radiotherapy, KAS, is listed in the recipient register of your VAN operator/invoice exchange (your system supplier).

Our GLN code for receiving Svefaktura is 7300009065950. No setup is needed from KAS’s side to be able to receive e-invoices in this way. For those of you who have a business system that cannot send e-invoices, you can send invoices via any invoice portal available on the market.

Invoices containing personal data should not be sent as an e-invoice but must continue to be sent by letter.

Questions about this are answered by accounting economist Anna Eriksson,

The law on mandatory e-invoices to the public sector

On April 1, 2019, it became law that all purchases resulting from LOU, LUF, LUFS and LUK in the public sector must be invoiced by electronic invoice (e-invoice). This means that all suppliers to the public sector must send e-invoices according to a new standard (PEPPOL BIS BILLING). Please note that PDF is not an approved format. It is often possible to create e-invoices via existing business systems. Check with your system provider. Invoicing services can also be purchased through some companies to accomplish the same thing, as well as the installation of so-called virtual invoice printers.

Press contact

Lena Biörnstad, Head of Communications
070-611 07 57

Data Protection Officer
+46 18 495 80 00

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