Practical information to patients receiving treatment

  • When you are to be treated at the Skandion Clinic, you will receive an appointment by mail well before your treatment. This will include the date of your first visit and practical information about things like accommodation. You will be given a treatment schedule at your initial meeting with your nurse. Other dates and times will be providedduring the treatment period.

    When you arrive, it is a good idea to have the following with you:
    • valid ID
    • a list of your medication
    • a medical certificate covering the treatment period.

    Responsible doctor

    During your treatment period at the Skandion Clinic, the clinic’s oncologist (a cancer specialist) will have the main responsibility for everything regarding your illness. At your first appointment with the doctor, you will be informed of how often you will meet; this will usually be once a week. But there is always a doctor in place when the clinic is open, if an urgent need arises. The Skandion Clinic maintains ongoing contact with your general practitioner and will send them a final report when your treatment is complete.

    Special procedures apply to patients under 18 years of age. All children and young people treated at the Skandion Clinic are registered at Uppsala University Children’s Hospital, which is part of Uppsala University Hospital. Children and young people meet their doctor at the University Children’s Hospital and their doctor at the Skandion Clinic on alternate weeks.

    Waiting times
    Occasionally, we may have waiting times at the clinic. This may be for any number of reasons, for example a sudden alteration to planned treatments, extra examinations or technical issues. We will keep you updated regarding any delays and any changes we need to make to your treatment plan.

    If you live too far from Uppsala to be able to commute to and from home between treatments, you will be able to stay at Hotel von Kraemer, which is located in the same building as the clinic, on floors 2 to 4.

    Families with children may be able to stay at Ronald McDonald House, which is located close to the clinic.

    Friends and family
    Friends and family are welcome at the Skandion Clinic. If possible, it is a good idea to have someone with you at the initial meeting with your oncology nurse. You will receive a great deal of information at this meeting and it can be valuable to have two people listening and asking questions. If you want someone to accompany you to a treatment appointment, you should agree this with the staff. During the treatment itself, friends and family are welcome to wait in the waiting area.

    Children are also welcome at the clinic as family members. We are more than happy to arrange for them to see the clinic and treatment room. Please speak to one of the nurses.

    There is a car park directly outside the Skandion Clinic with free parking for up to two hours. Please leave your registration number with reception

    on arrival.

    The waiting area
    Our waiting area, adjacent to reception, has a play area for children, magazines, games and puzzles. There is also a coffee machine and a vending machine with snacks and refreshments. You are welcome here whenever you like, whether awaiting treatment or simply looking for a relaxing environment.

    The Skandion Clinic is equipped with wifi, the password for which can be obtained from reception.

    Restrictions on photography and filming
    At the Skandion Clinic, we have a statutory duty to protect our patients’ privacy whenever they attend the clinic. If you wish to document your stay at the Skandion Clinic, for example through photography or filming – whether inside or outside the clinic – you must obtain the consent of those you are photographing/filming. It is important that nobody is depicted in a photograph or film unless they have given their consent.

    The Skandion Clinic is a non-smoking area, both indoors and out doors. If you need help to stop smoking, please contact our staff.

    Contact details
    The Skandion Clinic
    von Kraemers Allé 26
    752 37 Uppsala

    Opening hours and telephone times
    Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00
    Reception Tel: +46 (0)18 495 80 40