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For patients

Practical information

Here we have gathered information for those who are on their way to Skandionkliniken and Uppsala. A warm welcome to us!

Good to know before you come to us

If you are to receive treatment at Skandionkliniken, you will receive an invitation by post well before the start of treatment. It contains dates for your first visits to the clinic and practical information about, for example, your accommodation. At the first scheduled appointment at Skandionkliniken, you will receive a schedule with treatment times. You will receive other dates and times in connection with the start of treatment.

When you come, it is good if you bring with you:
  • Identity card
  • List of medicines

Doctor in charge

While you are being treated at Skandionkliniken, the clinic’s oncologist is primarily responsible for everything related to your tumor disease. At your first doctor’s appointment, you will be told how often you will meet, usually once a week. However, there is always a doctor on site when the clinic is open, should an emergency arise. The Skandion clinic keeps in touch with your doctor at your local clinic and sends you a final report after the treatment is completed.

Special procedures apply to patients who are children. All children treated at Skandionkliniken are under the supervision of the Academic Children’s Hospital which is part of Uppsala University Hospital. Every two weeks, the children meet their doctor at the Academic Children’s Hospital and every two weeks their responsible doctor at Skandionkliniken.

Waiting time

Sometimes there are waiting times at the clinic. This can be due to many different reasons, such as sudden changes to planned treatments, extra examinations or technical problems. We will keep you informed of any delays and if we need to change your treatment plan.

Entrance square

In our entrance square, adjacent to the reception, there is a play corner for children, magazines, games and puzzles. There is also a coffee machine and a kiosk with light refreshments. You are welcome to come here whenever you want, when you are waiting for treatment, if you want to read or relax in a peaceful environment.

Relatives/family members

Family and friends are welcome to visit Skandionkliniken. If you can, it is a good idea to bring someone with you to the first meeting, the arrival meeting, at the clinic. At this meeting you will receive a lot of information and it can be valuable if two of you listen and ask questions. If you want someone to accompany you during a treatment session, you can arrange this with the staff. During the treatment itself, relatives should be in our entrance square.

Children are also welcome at the clinic as family members. We are happy to arrange for your child to see the clinic and the treatment room. Talk to your nurse in charge.

Smoking cessation before treatment

There are several reasons not to smoke during the period of radiotherapy. Skandionkliniken is a smoke-free area, both indoors and outdoors. If you want help with smoking cessation, talk to the staff.

Parking facilities

Directly outside the entrance to Skandionkliniken there is a parking lot where you can park free of charge for two hours. You must provide your registration number at the clinic’s reception when you arrive.

Restrictions on photography and filming

At Skandionkliniken we are committed to patient confidentiality. According to the regulations, we are obliged to protect patients’ personal integrity when they are at the clinic. If you want to document your stay at Skandionkliniken, for example by taking photographs – inside or outside the clinic – you may only do so if you have permission from those you are photographing. It is important that no one other than those who have given their permission appears in the picture. Filming is not allowed.

Internet access

Skandionkliniken has wireless internet – ask for a password at reception.

Sibling support

When a child becomes ill, the whole family is affected, especially the child’s siblings. In the turmoil that ensues, it can be difficult to be the child standing next to them. A sibling support worker can help – a person who is there just for the sibling. They can explain what is happening, answer questions and find something fun to do. Visit the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund for siblings.

Families with siblings of children receiving treatment at Skandionkliniken are welcome to contact Gustav Westerholm, a sibling support worker at Uppsala University Hospital. Please contact him even before the family comes to the clinic. Tel: 0725-15 54 90, e-mail:

Contact details

von Kraemers Allé 26
752 37 Uppsala

Opening hours and telephone hours
Monday – Friday kl 08:00-16:00
Tel. reception: 018-495 80 40

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