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About Skandionkliniken


Municipal Association for Advanced Radiotherapy

The seven regions in Sweden with university hospitals are behind Skandionkliniken. Together they run the Municipal Association for Advanced Radiotherapy (KAS), which has two tasks:

    • to run Skandionkliniken, i.e. to create the conditions for optimal treatment with proton radiation, and to develop and evaluate the activities.
      • run the Hotel von Kraemer, where patients and relatives can stay during treatment.

KAS organizational chart


Board of Directors

Municipal Association for Advanced Radiotherapy is governed by an executive board consisting of politicians from all member regions. Members for the mandate period 2023-2026:

Chairman: Lena Micko (S)
Vice Chairman: Carl Johan Sonesson (M)

    • Region Uppsala: Malin Sjöberg Högrell (L), deputy: Helena Proos (S)
      • Region Östergötland: Lena Micko (S), deputy: Marie Morell (M)
        • Region Skåne: Carl Johan Sonesson (M), alternate: Ingrid Lennerwald (S)
          • Region Stockholm: Hanna Stymne-Bratt (S), alternate: Charlotte Broberg (M)
            • Region Västerbotten: Peter Olofsson (S), alternate: Nicklas Sandström (M)
              • Region Västra Götaland: Janette Olsson (S), alternate: Stefan Svensson (KD)
                • Region Örebro: County Behcet Barsom (KD), alternate: Sebastian Cehlin (M).

The management group

The management group of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities for Advanced Radiotherapy is responsible for the strategic and operational development of the organization.

    • Jörgen Striem, Director of the Association
      • Hillevi Rylander, Head of Operations
        • Susanne Eriksson, secretary
          • Chana Da Silva, Manager Hotel von Kraemer
            • Lisa Sterner, Head of HR
              • Sodabeh Kermani, Head of Care Unit
                • Alexandru Dasu, Chief Physicist
                  • Joakim Kruse, Head of IT / CIO
                    • Lena Biörnstad, Head of Communications

National Proton Therapy Steering Group

The steering group provides decision support to the Executive Board and the management of Skandionkliniken. The group will also take responsibility for the overall national proton therapy process based on the concepts of shared responsibility, national co-ownership and distributed competence.

The National Proton Therapy Steering Group includes two members from each member region, the federal director of KAS, the head of operations for Skandionkliniken and the clinic’s medically responsible oncologist. The members are appointed by their respective principals for a period of three years.

    • Chairman Jörgen Striem, Director of the Association of Swedish Municipalities for Advanced Radiotherapy
      • Region Västerbotten Elisabeth O Karlsson, Head of Operations, Oncology Anna Sundén, Head of Operations, Medical Technology and Radiophysics
        • Region Uppsala Annika Håkansson, head of operations, blood and tumor diseases Johan Lugnegård, chief physician
          • Region Örebro County Gustav Ekbäck, planning manager Anna Isaksson, head of department, oncology nurse
            • Region Stockholm Mattias Hedman, senior physician, oncology Annette Fransson-Andreo, operations manager, hospital physics
              • Region Östergötland Reidar Källström, head of center, surgery, orthopedics and cancer care Måns Agrup, consultant, oncology
                • Region Västra Götaland Annette Lövefors Daun, Head of Operations, Medical Physics and Technology Johanna Svensson, Head of Operations, Oncology
                  • Region Skåne Björn Lövgren-Ekmehag, Head of Administration Silke Engelholm, Head of Operations, Oncology
                    • Municipal Association for Advanced Radiotherapy Hillevi Rylander, head of operations Alexandru Dasu, chief physicist Karin Axén, secretary.
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