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For patients


When you stay at the Hotel von Kraemer, you are not a patient but a guest. We will do our utmost to make your stay as comfortable and restful as possible.

Welcome Hotel von Kraemer!

If you live far from Uppsala and cannot go home between treatments at the Skandion Clinic, you can stay at Hotel von Kraemer, which is located in the same building as the clinic, on floors 2-4. We are happy to have you as a guest and we hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Here is some brief information that may be useful for your stay. If you wish, a family member can stay with you in a double room at a reduced price, contact the hotel for more information.

The hotel’s reception is located on the 4th floor and is staffed 24 hours a day. Check-in is no earlier than 15:00 and check-out no later than 12:00. The reception has a vending machine with simple meals, sweets, drinks and toiletries. The entire Hotel von Kraemer is cashless. If you intend to go home during the treatment period, please notify the hotel when you check in.

The restaurant
Our restaurant, the von Kraemer Dining Room, is located on floor 4. The restaurant is also open to non-residents of the hotel. All meals are served here during your treatment period. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Lunch costs 115 SEK and dinner 130 SEK for patients and relatives. Some meals are reimbursed by your region. See information below.

We take into account any allergies and special diets, please let us know one week before arrival.

Served at 06.30-09.00 on weekdays and at 07.30-10.30 on weekends.

Served at 11:00-14:00 on weekdays.

Served at 17:00-19:00 on weekdays.

On weekends, packaged meals can be collected from the reception and heated in the guest kitchen on the second floor. Accessories such as sauces and spices are also available there.

Reimbursement from the regions
Sweden’s regions have different rules on reimbursement for travel, meals and accommodation. You therefore need to know what applies in the region where you live. If you lack information about this, you should contact the radiotherapy department at your university hospital.

For guests staying with us for longer periods, weekly cleaning is applied.

Kitchen pantry
On the second floor there is a well-equipped kitchen pantry that our guests can use. There are cooling and freezing facilities. The kitchenette is open around the clock. An Ica store is located about 400 meters from the hotel.

Internet access
Free wireless internet is available throughout the hotel.

The hotel does not have telephones in the rooms.

Laundry facilities
Washing and ironing facilities are available on the second floor.

Parking facilities
In our garage, which is located under the clinic, you can rent a parking space for a car or motorcycle. It costs 50 SEK per day.

Gym and training
Campus1477 is a gym located approximately 150 meters from the hotel. They offer Hotel von Kraemer guests entrance for 100 SEK. Read more at There is a jogging track about 400 meters from the hotel.

More information is available on our website:

If you have questions about the hotel and your accommodation, you are welcome to contact us: 018-495 99 00,

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