Accommodation and environmen

  • The environment is important to our health. When the Skandion Clinic was created, the vision was an atmosphere where people enjoy and relax. A clinic different from common healthcare environments.

    The Clinic
    The result became a house with a lot of natural materials – wood, stone and textile. On the ground floor there is an airy and bright entrance hall with comfortable furniture. Here the patients and their relatives can read newspapers, add puzzles or rest in the Japan-inspired inner courtyard that is adjacent.

    Hotel von Kraemer
    On floors 2-4 is Hotel von Kraemer locaded, where many of the patients at the Skandion Clinic live and eat their meals. Even in this part of the house, the environment is comfortable and relaxed, with several lounges that serve as a living rooms for guests who stay for longer periods. The hotel guests also have access to a roof terrace located at the top of the house.

    Even non-patients are welcome to stay at the Hotel von Kraemer and dine in the restaurant.